Vodafone Partners With a Blockchain Company to Bring IoT and...
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Vodafone Partners With a Blockchain Company to Bring IoT and Blockchain to Renewable and Distributed Energy Assets

Vodafone, one of the largest mobile telecommunicationcompanies in the world, has recently teamed up with blockchain company Energy Web (EW), to work on a renewable energy project. Their partnership is to help improve the integration of renewable and distributed energy assets within power grids using secure Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and blockchain technology.

According to a recent announcement by Energy Web, this partnership seeks to combine SIM-centric blockchain technology (SCB) with IoT connectivity from Vodafone to create secure IDs for energy assets. This will ensure that renewable and distributed assets like wind turbines, batteries, heat pumps, and solar panels can be integrated with energy grids safely and efficiently.    

Through this partnership, energy grid players will be able to recognize distributed energy assets connected to their power grids. This will be similar to the way telecom operators use SIM cards to securely identify mobile phones. The ability to identify and validate distributed-generation assets in the smart grid is crucial to maintain its stability.

Walter Kok, CEO of Energy Web, said multiple sectors such as energy, automotive, telecoms, and even finance, are converging to ensure major transition in energy. According to him, the energy sector can only evolve faster when IoTconnectivity is taken into account. Hence, he said bringing together EW’s expertise in energy and decentralization with Vodafone’s leadership in IoT, creates a powerful combination.

Erik Brenneis, Director of Vodafone IoT also shared his views about the partnership. According to him, as the number of decentralized, new-generation, low-carbon devices grows, it necessitates the need for them to be securely connected, regardless of their location. He added that, at Vodafone Business IoT, they believe that technology and connectivity can be used to help protect the planet and improve lives.  


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