Tim Draper Reiterates His $250k Bitcoin Price Forecast
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Tim Draper Reiterates His $250k Bitcoin Price Forecast

The renowned cryptocurrency bull and investor Tim Draper has reiterated his forecast regarding Bitcoin price. According to him, the price of Bitcoin will attain $250k by the beginning of 2023.

Recently, in an interview with CNBC Squawk Alley, Draper reiterated his Bitcoin price forecast. Before the interview, he said the price would attain $250k within three years. 

Likewise, he stated that when it reaches the price level, the cryptocurrency would be the preferred currency due to its attractive qualities. 

Draper has been speaking in favor of Bitcoin. He said he still stands by his forecast, and the price would be $250k by the end of 2022 or when 2023 begins. He noted that people will consider Bitcoin as a good option due to its potential and independency. 

He was asked about how much of Bitcoin is within his network and said it is a lot. According to him, Bitcoin is currently a form of safe heaven as the traditional market keeps slumping. 

The price of Bitcoin is at the moment over $9.6k as it declinedfrom over $10k level earlier this month. Bitcoin has been doing well since the beginning of this year. 


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