Theta Protocol Partners With South Korean Gaming Platform to...
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Theta Protocol Partners With South Korean Gaming Platform to Reward Gamers for Streaming Content

South Korean social gaming platform, Ludena Protocol, has announced its partnership with Theta Network, a leading blockchain-powered streaming and bandwidth solution provider to reward gamers for streaming content.

According to a July 29 announcement, the partnership will enable GameTalkTalk, Ludena?s first Dapp, to integrate the Theta protocol onto the platform. It will also allow GameTalkTalk?s 3 million plus users to access Theta?s high quality esports, gaming and blockchain content. Ludena?s users will be rewarded with Theta?s TFUEL token for watching and sharing their bandwidth and videos with other network users and engaging with the content.

The partnership will also allow an exclusive GameTalkTalk channel to be added to Theta?s streaming platform, Theta TV. This will allow Ludena to leverage Theta?s audience of over 5 million users. The collaboration will mark the first launch of Theta?s Live Mobile Embed service for Android apps in Korea, which allows Theta TV content to be broadcast through a smartphone.

Through this partnership, Theta Labs will also be providing support to Ludena?s global expansion plan through various marketing channels. Theta Labs will leverage their existing U.S. and Europe community to help onboard new, international GameTalkTalk users. It will also be offering GameTalkTalk users with an influx of gaming content and added platform rewards. 

Theta Lab?s CEO Mitch Liu said GameTalkTalk is an ideal partner for the launch of the Theta Live mobile Embed product. He added that in just a couple of months after announcing Theta Live Embed, it is now live on several global partner sites and they are excited to branch to Korea for the first time.

Speaking about the partnership, Ludena Protocol CEO, Joshua Kim, said it is their hope that this partnership will lead to achievements that are long remembered in the blockchain gaming market.


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