SEC Appoints Nancy Sumption as New Senior Advisor for Cybers...
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SEC Appoints Nancy Sumption as New Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity Policy to its Chairman

The US SEC announced of Feb. 13 that Nancy Sumption would be the new Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity policy to chairman Jay Clayton. Nancy has worked in cybersecurity and privacy in healthcare and finance. She also has 20 years’ experience in the public service as an officer and staff judge advocate in the US Air Force, the US intelligence community and the Department of Justice. 

In the press release, Sumption said she looks forward to working with the SEC staff and various authorities to deepen their partnerships to enhance operational resiliency and manage cyber risks. 

Sumption is not the only recent added staff in the US government to better enhance their understanding of crypto security. In July 2019, Andrew Ridenour, who worked at the crypto exchange giant, Coinbase, was also recruited. He assumed the role of a senior counsel to the chairman Heath Tarbert, at the Commodity Features Trading Commission (CFTC).

The SEC hopes that Sumption’s rich experience in cybersecurity will help improve its mechanisms for assessing and responding to risks. She has been a strong advocate of opportunities to educate others on cybersecurity, privacy and data protection. 

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