Ron Paul Receives His First Bitcoin
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Ron Paul Receives His First Bitcoin

Ron Paul – former Republican US congressman representing Texas – has gotten his first Bitcoin. Bobby Lee offered him the leading coins on October 28. Lee made a public announcement of the offer to Ron Paul on November 2. He said that the coin was delivered in a gold-plated wallet made by Ballet Crypto. He added that the wallet was customized to suit Ron Paul. This means that the former congressman now has a BTC wallet.

Ballet Crypto makes physical wallets (that is, non-electronic) meant to store cryptos coldly. They come in the form of a credit card with a wallet passphrase beneath a layer that can be scratched.

The gift was given the former congressman during lunch at LTC summit 2019. The founder of Litecoin (LTC), Charlie Lee was likewise in attendance and he also loaded 1 LTC onto the same wallet.

The former congressman has been criticizing the Federal Reserve, and he is renowned for his support of gold. When it comes to cryptos, he expressed his support for them as well as blockchain technology in July. Brad Sherman perspective concerning cryptos is the opposite of Ron Paul. Sherman believes that cryptocurrencies should never be allowed to compete with the USD dollar.


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