Ontology Rolls Out Mercury Identifier to Strengthen its Dece...
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Ontology Rolls Out Mercury Identifier to Strengthen its Decentralized Identity Solution

The Ontology network has announced the official release of “Ontology Mercury” to improve its Decentralized Identifier (DID). According to an August 12 Medium post, the Ontology Mercury is a peer-to-peer communication framework which is expected to offer more capabilities to users of the network’s decentralized identity product whose launched was announced yesterday. 

According to today’s announcement, the remit of the Ontology Mercury framework will include support for various sorts of messages. These include general messages and verifiable credential-related messages, as well as support for message routing and security. The platform currently has a Go SDK and additional SDKs for more languages are expected to be added in the future, including Java and Objective-C. The company is inviting prospective developers to visit its Github repository and deploy the solution to their applications.

Ontology’s recently released Decentralized Identity solution was created to help holders of digital assets and traders to manage and exchange their coins in a more secure environment and streamlined manner. The solution will enable users to manage their crypto assets via a special dashboard, regardless of the kind of wallets they use or assets they hold.

Ontology stated during yesterday’s announcement that it is inevitable that DeFi platforms and developments will be subject to strict regulations, similar to traditional finance companies. This is when its Decentralized Identity will be relevant, as it will link users’ coins to their identity, provide extra security, and connect all the fragments of the new-generation decentralized finance system. 

According to Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, the goal of the company is to secure communication connection between decentralized IDs. He added that the release of the Ontology Mercury framework is part of the company’s ambition to strengthen the technical prowess of the platform’s ONT ID, and broaden the scope of potential associated applications significantly. 


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