Man Gets Convicted by Japan Court for Installing Cryptominin...
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Man Gets Convicted by Japan Court for Installing Cryptomining Scripts On His Website Without Consent

A Japanese man was reportedly convicted of cryptojacking by the Tokyo High Court on February 7. According to the report, the 32-year old designed a website with embedded Coinhive code for secretly mining cryptocurrencies on his users’ computers.

The culprit was acquitted by a district court in March 2019, since his software didn’t cause any notable harm. The court also said investigators had not cautioned him against the use of the software before indicting him. 

Nonetheless, the High Court overturned the acquittal since his Coinhive scripts were hogging the users’ hardware without their consent. According to the High Court, the aforementioned reasons for acquitting him were not appropriate.   

The cryptojacker has been asked to settle a fine of $910 for the crime he has committed. The culprit considers the court verdict to be unfair and plans to appeal to it. 

Cryptojacking remains increasingly popular with cybercriminals. As reported by Cryptopress just yesterday, bad actors abused BitBucket and delivered an arsenal of malware to users. They recently embedded a malicious mining code in the late legend Kobe Bryant’s photo, to capitalize on his tragic death.


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