Keypay: Your One-Stop-Shop For Blockchain Banking Services
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Keypay: Your One-Stop-Shop For Blockchain Banking Services

Although the cryptocurrency industry has made strides in business services and innovation, its integration in the banking sector is still lagging. This setback has stagnated the growth and adoption of digital currencies globally. Few investors would be willing to invest in a non-regulated industry prone to many security breaches. 

Keypay, a well-established crypto banking platform, is looking to remedy the situation. The platform offers a wide range of banking services that aim to close the gap between fiat and crypto. Crypto users can leverage the platform and use it as their one-stop-shop for multiple blockchain banking services. 

So, what exactly is in store inside the Keypay Platform? Here’s a detailed look into the services offered. 

Crypto Loan System

The concept behind crypto lending is that borrowers can easily use their assets as collateral for any loans they take. Lenders, on the other hand, gain a percentage of interest from the loans lent. 

Keypay offers a crypto loan platform, which follows a similar concept. The Keypay loan platform allows for both loanings of fiat with crypto as collateral or vice versa. Keypay has a lending market where lenders get the best offer to issue loans or personalize their offers.

Keypay uses over-collateralization to assure the security of the lender’s amount. Over-collateralization is where the taken collateral is more than the value of the loan plus interest charged. Doing so ensures the security of the lenders’ wealth and the payment of the full amount plus interest.

Crypto Debit Card System

The road to the introduction of crypto debit cards has been a rocky one. These debit cards, however, are an easy way of buyers getting high purchasing power using cryptocurrencies. 

Keypay holds the best debit card for your crypto payment needs. The use of the cards boosts transaction speed and cost and acts as a bridge between the fiat and crypto world.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a platform that merchants use to accept debit, credit cards, and other more accessible modes of payment. Due to the banking services lacking in the crypto industry, merchants have not been accepting crypto payments into their payment systems.

Keypay offers a payment gateway platform where a merchant can easily register their business for the platform. Once the business is registered, customers will easily use the gateway to pay traders using crypto or convert to fiat in the process.

P2P Exchanges

High tech software is usually used to operate peer to peer exchanges, also known as decentralized exchanges. The software allows individuals in blockchains to trade directly without involving any third party or middle man.

Keypay site offers the best peer-to-peer exchanges with excellent software that both parties can easily use. Keypay’s P2P site assures lenders, borrowers, and merchants the security of all deals. 

Liquidity Provision

Since not many banks accept crypto payments, digital currencies are highly illiquid. Converting even a few cryptos into fiat money is hectic and sometimes involves confirmation and reconfirmation processes to ascertain the transaction.

Keypay, however, offers liquidity solutions for both fiat and digital assets since it’s a crypto banking system, the platform books liquidity by being ready to buy the asset and later sell it if you don’t get asset buyers immediately. 

Crypto Custody Solutions

These are independent security and storage systems that hold tokens in large quantities. The main reason for using crypto custody solutions is to ensure that assets are adequately safeguarded. The use of private keys, even if offline, can lead to loss of custody of digital assets and the high need for custody solutions. 

Keypay offers custody solutions for your crypto assets. Their well-elaborated system allows for both online and offline token storage. Cryptocurrency custody solution, if online, will guarantee high liquidity of assets and, when offline, assures you of crypto security. 

Forex and Crypto Exchange Services

Although crypto trading is currently booming in the exchanges, the lack of trust from banking systems makes the growth slower. The millions of people owning stocks and exchanges fear trading in cryptos since they are unsure of the safety of their money while in crypto form. 

Keypay, a sound banking service, can help solve that by assuring traders of their money security in fiat and crypto form. 

Final Word

The lack of a proper banking system for the crypto world has long crippled the growth and global adoption of cryptocurrency. However, thanks to the Keypay platform, investors can breathe easy and invest more in crypto. Keypay brings all crypto banking services to the same platform. Therefore, investors don’t have to go through the hassle of using many platforms for crypto transactions. The introduction of the Keypay platform has brought a perfect bridge between the fiat and crypto worlds. It is, therefore, the future of banking for blockchain businesses. Crypto enthusiasts can get the best services by visiting the Keypay website.


Born in Bucharest, Marius is the founder of Crypto Adventure and Co-founder of Crypto Press. Since his first contact with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, he never stopped believing that they are one of the most important innovations of our time, which will forever change the way business is done.