Hypersun.io Illuminates the DeFi Sector with News of Genesis...
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Hypersun.io Illuminates the DeFi Sector with News of Genesis Mining

A group of advantageous developers that seek to help out Tron’s CEO – Justin Sun, created a test network for his Sun coin project. The platform, known as HyperSun, is like the Sun ecosystem, but in fast forward. The developers behind this project believe that this accelerated version of Sun can help programmers to locate bugs, coding errors, and attack vectors quicker.

Prepare for Hyper Speed

HyperSun accelerates its evolution through a variety of unique protocols. For example, HyperSun adjusts the distribution volume of its HPS token to accomplish this task. The blockchain also integrates a different mining compensation quantity and a different reduction cycle. All of these adjustments allow developers to see potential issues faster. They can also see the effects of new technologies in the ecosystem faster than using the SUN ecosystem directly.

Genesis Mining

HyperSun started Genesis Mining officially on September 12, 2020, at 13:00(SGT). The network mines 3,721,204 HPS every 24hours. There will be a total of 7,442,408 HPS mined during the pre-mine event. These pre-mined coins are equivalent to 9.34% of the total supply. Notably, every 42hours, the amount of minable HPS decreases by 20%.

A total of 16,438,464 HPS can be mined for this project. This amount is equivalent to 20.65% of the total supply. For those who seek to conduct regular mining of HPS in other mining pools, there is a total of 55,722,044 HPS available for these actions. This amount is equivalent to 70% of the total supply. 

How to Participate

To participate in this monumental event, users need to lock their TRX in a Genesis Mining smart contract. The smart contract removes the need for human intervention from the equation. Additionally, this smart contract releases your TRX back to you after 3 days at no additional charge.

HPS token

HPS functions as the main utility token for this project. Notably, HPS is an abbreviation for HyPerSun. This next-gen cryptocurrency utilizes Tron’s proprietary TRC20 token standard protocol. TRC20 is the most common token standard in use within the TRON ecosystem today.

What is HyperSun?

HyperSun is an experimental project that seeks to provide development support for Justin Sun’s latest Defi project, the Sun coin. The goal of the project is to gather valuable data on the integration of experimental and advantageous technologies within the network.

This data will help Sun to advance the actual SUN coin ecosystem without putting users directly at risk. Think of HyperSun as a safe zone for developers to utilize trial-and-error to determine the most effective governance policies for the project. 

Sun Coin Enters the Yield Farming Craze

The Sun coin project will place Tron directly in the middle of the current yield farming DeFi craze. Yield farming is the act of users lending their crypto out to other DeFi users for a profit, or yield. These protocols utilize a combination of smart contracts and other advanced technologies to provide lenders with massive returns. Consequently, yield farming is the hottest sector in blockchain at the moment.

Sun coin will launch officially on September 16, 2020. Developers labeled this day SUNday to mark the special occasion. Since news of the Sun coin launch, Tron’s market value increased by 14%.

A HyperSun Inside the Sun

Users can start mining HPS tokens today. HyperSun introduces the sector to a new form of R&D that is sure to become more popular in the future. In this way, HyperSun acts as the pre-shine for its older brother – Sun coin.

Official Website: https://hypersun.io/#/

Medium: https://medium.com/@hypersun.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hypersun_io

Whitepaper: https://hypersun.io/static/HyPerSun_whitepaper_en.pdf


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