How JustLiquidity can Expand the DeFi Sector
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How JustLiquidity can Expand the DeFi Sector

The innovative development team behind the JustLiquidity platform just took DeFi to the next level. This unique platform introduces some new and exciting ways to tackle the issue of liquidity currently faced by startups in the sector. The platform combines various advanced technologies to provide token holders with liquidity and reward liquidity providers in the market. As such, JustLiquidity is set to play a pivotal role in large scale blockchain adoption moving forward.

Liquidity is King

No one would argue that liquidity is a core concern for investors. When there is a lack of liquidity in a market, everyone suffers. Investors are unable to trade their holdings and the market screeches to a halt. To be successful, an asset must possess liquidity.

Sadly, most ICOs have none. It’s hard to drum up liquidity for a new project without spending millions on marketing. This scenario is especially valid in new markets and industries such as blockchain. For these companies, there is little option but to release their tokens and slowly wait for the market’s liquidity to pour into their project. In most instances, it never does.

What if there was a way to provide your project with instant liquidity? This is the question that JustLiquidity seeks to answer. This futuristic ICO launch platform introduces a more secure token issuance and investment strategy that provides both companies and investors with some crucial protections not found anywhere else in the market.

The Normal Scenario

In a normal ICO, a company sells its tokens in exchange for BTC or ETH. These funds are then used to drive further expansion of the platform, marketing, and other relevant ventures. This system is far from perfect for a couple of key reasons. 

For one, firms will often hold a large percentage of their tokens. These tokens will then be sold back to the public at the ending of the ICO. This flooding of team tokens into the market robs early bird and ICO investors of their true profits. Unfortunately, this is a common practice nowadays, but not for long.

JustLiquidity to the Rescue

JustLiquidity introduces a proprietary liquidity locking protocol. This coding keeps the company and team tokens locked based on the total liquidity available in the pool. Investors in JustLiquidity projects understand that they will retain their right to first access to the secondary markets. Consequently, JustLiquidity token launches will see more participation.

Where’s the Liquidity?

New projects and startups can launch an ICO with little to no liquidity in place for investors. Investors in this scenario are at the mercy of the market’s movements. Worst-of-all, if prices start to drop, token holders can begin to get desperate to unload their bags. This situation leads to significant value wiped from a project in minutes. Savvy executives can utilize JustLiquidity to protect their projects from failure and their investors from losses. 

Instant Liquidity

Only JustLiquidity provides investors and companies with access to liquidity from day one. Best of all, developers packed this platform full of liquidity control mechanisms. Each of these protocols adds value to a project’s coin. In turn, investors can have more confidence in your project’s success.

Passive Income

You don’t need to own a company to enjoy all the benefits of this platform. You can also earn passive income participating in JustLiquidity’s liquidity pool. Anyone can help add to this massive liquidity pool and earn ETH. Amazingly, users earn 0.2% interest on all ETH/JUL liquidity deposits. These rewards get paid daily, so you never need to wait for your profits.

It Doesn’t Get Easier than This

The entire JustLiquidity platform is built with the clients UX in mind. For example, there is no registration required and the platform has an easy-to-navigate interface that requires no technical knowledge. Once you are all signed up, you can deposit Ethereum into a JustLiquidity contract in seconds. This ETH gets deposited into the UniSwap Liquidity Pool directly. 

If you ever need to access your ETH, it’s easy. You can withdraw from the platform with the click of a button for free. Keenly, there are never any penalties for withdrawing your ETH early from the liquidity pool. However, you should be aware that when ETH leaves the liquidity pool, the protocol will automatically remove project tokens from the Pool. These actions help ensure that the liquidity balance stays above that of the project’s token. 

JUL token

To simplify these processes and streamline the entire platform, JustLiquidity introduces the JUL token. This utility token allows you to pay fees, swap tokens, and accomplish a variety of other functionalities within the ecosystem. Notably, JUL features an adjustable total supply. 

This strategy was necessary because the platform’s internal protocols reduce the circulating supply of JUL tokens whenever users remove liquidity from the platform. In this manner, JUL provides investors with a predictable ROI far above the competition. Currently, you can get JUL on UniSwap and HotBit

The Future is Bright

Today, JustLiquidity allows users to deposit ETH into the liquidity pool via our online portal. Interestingly, the platform will introduce more cryptocurrencies in the coming months. This decision is sure to appease altcoin and Bitcoin investors alike. The more coins, the more liquidity the platform can provide. Additionally, the more passive income users gain access to.

JustLiquidity – The Market will Never be the Same

It’s amazing to see platforms like JustLiquidity emerge to tackle issues that have plagued investors for centuries. Through the integration of blockchain technology, JustLiquidity is able to inspire new confidence in the market. In this way, JustLiquidity is an instant classic.


Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, he covers trendy issues on digital currencies.