How Corion Seeks to Bring the entire DeFi Sector Together
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How Corion Seeks to Bring the entire DeFi Sector Together

Anyone familiar with the adoption of new technologies will attest to the importance of creating unity within a market. The cryptocurrency market is no different. Only through a community effort can markets create standards. Standards help to promote innovation which drives adoption levels higher. One group that seeks to apply these principles to the crypto market is The Corion Foundation

The Corion Foundation

The Corian Foundation is a network of blockchain professionals that seek to accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies through a variety of unique strategies. Primarily, the group wants to bring the cryptocurrency and stablecoin industries together in an organized fashion. Additionally, the platform provides various educational programs to help educate and advise businesses on how to accept and utilize stablecoins, CBDC, and DeFi options.


Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that derive their value from other assets. These coins can be pinned to anything from fiat currencies all the way to commodities such as gold and silver. There are even stablecoins that derive their value from a basket of cryptocurrencies. These tokens are incredibly flexible. Consequently, they are one of the fastest-growing sectors of the market.

Stablecoins serve a vital purpose in the market. For one, they provide investors with a more efficient way to exit market volatility. Prior to the introduction of these unique financial instruments on exchanges, users would have to convert their funds over to fiat currency to escape extreme market volatility. Converting funds to fiat currency comes with additional fees and delays.

CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currency

A CBDC is a stablecoin that is issued from a central bank. Multiple nations have expressed interest in these blockchain-based currencies. Unlike public blockchains such as Bitcoin, CBDCs operate on private blockchains. Consequently, they provide banking officials with more trackability, functionality, and cost savings when compared to traditional fiat currencies.

This month saw China begin pilot testing of their digital Yen. The launch of the program made international headlines as it marked the first time a major economic powerhouse embraced the idea of issuing cryptocurrencies and made it all the way to testing stages. According to Chinese officials, the CBDC should be fully operational by 2022.


The DeFi (decentralized finance) sector is one of the hottest sectors in the market at this time. DeFi platforms take the traditional banking system and turn it on its head. For example, DeFi users can lend out their cryptocurrencies to other users and secure passive income in the form of interest payments.

The Corion Foundation has a Plan

The Corion Foundation seeks to create a common platform for these projects to blossom. The network provides firms with the support they need to reach the masses. In this way, the Corion Foundation alleviates many concerns facing the world’s unbanked population.

A Better UX

The developers behind the Corion Foundation did their research prior to entering the market. This determination to succeed is evident in every aspect of the project. For example, Coriion introduces a next-level, technically simple interface. From this portal, users can find everything they need to take their concept from the drawing board to reality.

Corion Services

The Corion Foundation provides critical services to startups in the market. New firms can take advantage of the groups consulting services to improve their chances of success. The group offers some helpful options such as Whitepaper and business model reviews.

Once you figure out the particulars of your project, you can move on to securing funding. Corion offers users assistance for every step of your company setup. These services extend into legal support as well. You can also get valuable information on representing your firm at events and throughout the entire blockchain community.

Expand the Network

At this time, Coriion has a focus on merchant acquisition. Corion understands that cryptocurrencies need to see daily use if they are ever to fulfill their destiny to replace fiat currencies altogether. To help drive this point home, Corion offers enterprise-level wallet & merchant Gateway Integration

CorionX (CORX)

The Corion Foundation expands user functionality through the integration of the CORX token. This token lives on the Ethereum blockchain and functions as the main utility token for the Corion Network. Within the system, CORX is used to pay fees, receive rewards, and stake on the Coriion platform.

As an ERC-20 token, CORX can be stored in a wide variety of wallets. The ERC-20 community is the largest in the world. There are over 175,000 of these tokens in the market today. These tokens have a growing network of Dapps that expands their usability considerably. Additionally, these tokens enjoy access to more liquidity than most tokens via DEXs such as Uniswap.

Staking Your CORX

CORX helps users to enter the DeFi space safely. The token currently offers a competitive staking reward. Specifically, users earn a respectable interest rate of  2.5% when they participate in the Loyalty Staking Program. These rewards are paid directly to your wallet quarterly via smart contracts. In this way, there is never any delays due to human intervention.

#MoneyInTheRightDirection Movement

The Corion Foundation has seen success with its efforts to date. The firm began a strong media marketing campaign in 2019 dubbed the  #MoneyInTheRightDirection Movement. The program focuses on client acquisition and infrastructure development. Since its inception, the project has helped educate Individuals, financial providers, hedge funds, and merchants about stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and open finance solutions.

The Corion Foundation

If stablecoins and the DeFi market expect to remain relevant moving forward, there is a desperate need for more organization in the space. Investors will benefit greatly from more access to educational information. Additionally, merchants can enter the market with more confidence thanks to the group’s helpful mentoring programs. 

You can expect to see the Corion Foundation continue to bring more groups into its network because the team’s goal is one of necessity. If the platform succeeds in its goal, the entire market will reap the benefits created by this new level of intercommunication.

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