Health Insurance Firm Planning Blockchain to Secure Medical ...

Health Insurance Firm Planning Blockchain to Secure Medical Data

When it comes to the largest health insurance firms in the U.S., Anthem is number two. Stakeholders in different sectors have been looking into the adoption of blockchain technology to enhance security, privacy, among other benefits. The same is happening in the healthcare industry.

Anthem is planning the utilization of the technology in securing medical data of all 40 million members within the coming three years. This was revealed by Forbes in December 12 as the firm wants to offer patients secure access to their medical data. The patients will likewise be able to share their data as seemed relevant.

What blockchain potentially gives us the opportunity to do is not worry about those trust issues. We have an opportunity now to share data that people can make their own decisions on.

Gail Boudreaux, CEO

At the moment, the firm is carrying out a pilot test and it has to do with using a mobile app to scan a QR code, for instant access to users’ health records by various healthcare providers for some time.

The chief digital officer of the firm, Rajeev Ronanki commented:

“We think it’s a pretty transformative thing for health […] We’re essentially creating a permission-based system that would allow consumers to own their healthcare data, and then make it available to providers as appropriate.”

The firm is planning to launch the new blockchain-based system in some phases starting in the coming year. 

Early in 2019, the firm became a partner with Aetna (health insurance giant), PNC Bank and IBM towards the creation of a blockchain network that suits the healthcare industry.

According to Chris Ward, an executive at PNC Bank, the implementation of a blockchain solution has the potential to eliminate some of the issues facing the healthcare industry:  duplication and administrative costs.

In the healthcare industry, the stakeholders keep exploring blockchain technology and its merits to share, secure and streamline sensitive data related to health.


Born, raised and schooled in Sweden with a degree in law, Glenn is a long time crypto enthusiast. He quickly acknowledged the potential of the blockchain technology, and the benefits of decentralization. Glenn believes in a future where blockchain technology and decentralization will govern and enable people to have a transparent security and financial system.

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