GSX Merges Stability and Growth Of Investments – is it...

GSX Merges Stability and Growth Of Investments – is it the Best investment in 2020?

Investments are activities that allocate resources to the production process for economic gain. When investors go into an investment, they envision growth and profitability. One area of investment that is gaining popularity is cryptocurrencies. These assets have the potential of increasing in value rapidly due to their volatility. On the other hand, they could equally fall in value in record time. This volatility forces investors to think of new ways to invest in them. The result has been the introduction of stablecoins. Backed by either fiat currency or commodities, they provide much-needed stability to the investor. Ironically, this stability curtails growth. To the investor, this is unnerving. That is until they discover Apollo Fintech‘s GSX.

Apollo’s GSX in a Nutshell

The acronym GSX stands for Gold Secured Currency. It is the worlds’ premier digital asset that has gold backing. According to Apollo Fintech, GSX combines the best features of cryptocurrencies in one stablecoin. Holders of the currency enjoy the benefits of minimum asset value, guaranteed growth, and yearly dividends on their investments. Apollo’s more than 3,700-acre platinum, and gold claim in Zimbabwe back GSX.

Ensuring the Stability of GSX

The following factors underpin GSX’s stability.

The Fronting Firm

GSX is Apollo Fintech’s brainchild. The company has distinguished itself as the market leader in fintech. Apollo’s catalog of products cuts across government, commercial, and personal use. It also boasts of cutting edge innovations that continue to set the pace in the industry. Its immutable blockchain, for example, has second to none features. Not only is it Quantum resistant, but it also has Database Sharding capabilities. These features make it the most secure and fast blockchain capable of attaining sub-second transaction speeds.

Other Apollo products, like the National Payment Platform, Apollo Currency, and Apollo Banking Network, emphasize the company’s global stature. Its reputation boosts investor confidence in the coin’s prudent management.

Physical Assets Backing

Land and gold are the primary guarantors of GSX’s value. Apollo has ownership rights to more than 3,700 acres of gold-rich land. It intends to produce gold and other precious metals from the site commercially. 50% of all gold produced after deducting the costs incurred, will be used to bolster the coin.

Additionally, 25% of the fees paid to Apollo for the use of its fintech products will go towards the acquisition of more gold to secure the coin further. Moreover, Apollo will set up a company and the infrastructure required for full exploitation of the gold. This company, of which GSX holders will have ownership, and the said infrastructure are additional fortifications to the coin.

Apart from mining gold and other precious metals, Apollo will undertake the sales and create a financial balance that will enhance the stability of the coin and its future growth. The security and growth are dependent on the volumes of minerals sold.

Issuance of the GSX Coin

Another way Apollo Fintech guarantees the coin’s stability is in how the company intends to avail it. The company plans to produce a maximum of 30 billion GSX coins. Of these, 10 billion will go to the public through a Coin Distribution Event (CDE) with the company retaining the remaining coins. After the CDE, Apollo will burn 50% of all coins unsold while the remainder goes to shore up its operations.

The company will retain the remaining 20 billion coins for one year. When the period elapses, it will have an option of either selling part of the coins over the counter or burning them. At the same time, it will reinvest 50% of this cache in gold and gold-producing infrastructure.

The net effect of the two decisions explained above is to prop the coin further. Managing the quantity of the coins in circulation will not only make it secure but also reliable.

How GSX Will Bring Growth to the Investors?

GSX promises the investors an upside without risk. But how will it achieve that? Here’s how investments in GSX will continue to grow in value.

Banking on Land and Gold

As mentioned earlier, gold and the gold-rich land owned by Apollo will secure the value of GSX. The two assets always tend to appreciate. Every time that the two increase in value, the coin also automatically accrues.

Besides, the coin’s value can never go below the value of the company’s backing assets. These are gold and precious minerals mined, the gold-rich land, mine, and a proposed refinery.

Managed Circulation

Apollo has taken measures to avoid over saturating the market with GSX. By burning the excess coins, it will put a cap on its supply, in turn, increasing the coin’s demand and value.

Yearly Dividends

The holders of GSX will earn an annual dividend prorated on their investment. The bonus is in Apollo currency or GSX coins.

Ownership of the Mining company

GSX holders will have legal ownership of the company set up to mine gold and other precious minerals. Consequently, they are entitled to a share of any proceeds emanating from the sale of the company’s asset.

Ability to Sell One’s Coins

Any GSX holder so inclined may sell his/her coins back to Apollo Fintech based on an independent valuation of the company’s stock in gold. Additionally, they may sell it on the Knox Exchange.


Investors have an abundant supply of investment opportunities they may seize. The limitations are in one’s mind. Currently, there is a buzz in cryptocurrency investments. These promise higher returns in a short period. But the converse is true too. This volatility associated with cryptocurrencies is a concern to many investors. It informs the decision to seek stablecoins.

Although stablecoins are a safe investment bet, their returns are low. Apollo Fintech’s GSX is the solution for the challenges stable coins pose. Apollo’s unparalleled expertise in fintech powers it. Again it is gold-backed. As such, it guarantees security to the investors, coupled with growth in their investments.


Born, raised and schooled in Sweden with a degree in law, Glenn is a long time crypto enthusiast. He quickly acknowledged the potential of the blockchain technology, and the benefits of decentralization. Glenn believes in a future where blockchain technology and decentralization will govern and enable people to have a transparent security and financial system.