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Flits Wallet: A Decentralized App That Gives You 100% Control Of Your Digital Assets

DeFi has created an intermediary free platform that freely allows users to perform transactions with the help of blockchain technology. The availability of the Internet for users allows them to access products and services at any time without any limitations. 

At the beginning of the year, statistics indicated that the number of assets locked in Ethereum DeFi platforms amounted to $1Billion, evidently signifying the decentralized space’s profitable trends.

Flits wallet is one such application leveraging decentralization as a marketing option to embrace security and efficiency as a wallet and trading platform.

Flits Wallet Overview

Flits wallet is a decentralized application that allows users to trade, stake, securely transact, and fully take charge of their wallets. Available in over 120 countries, the application is easy to use with its sleek design; hence first time users can navigate through without any complications. Flits community continues to grow as it currently hosts over 12,200 users.

Flits hold reliability as a core value for users to keep at heart their needs and design their network around them. It also believes that trust is key to growing as a system, ensuring stakeholders have a crypto portfolio to track their progress. Lastly, it aims to give the users unbeaten command and insurance over their funds.

The Underlying Features

Mobile Wallets

The application is compatible to work on android and IOS phones, encouraging a safe and portable mobile wallet. Since gadgets are more available to users, unlike personal computers and laptops, it is easier to access their services despite the place or time. Buying goods and services using a mobile device is also more reliable.

Flits Coin

The Flits network depends on the Flits coin (FLS) as the fundamental driver. It is a Proof of Stake coin, which allows PoS mining protocols to reduce the need for heavy mining equipment required in Proof of Work algorithms. It supports masternodes and staking as services for users contributing to the overall stability of the Flits network.


For people who focus highly on earning passive income, masternode technology is the way. Users can now run nodes within the flits application through computers or mobile devices, together with a coin of their choice. This way, they are not limited to the wallet’s coin.


Staking involves the storage of coins in a system to earn rewards from it. The Flits system does not limit users to the staking of Flits coins only. Since it offers a variety of coins to trade and store on the platform, staking applies to all of them according to users’ wants. Cold staking is an option for users who do not engage in attractive rewards, but they earn interest by holding their assets.


Investing has never been easier with the swap element of the Flits ecosystem. Users can exchange coins for others internally instead of dealing with exchanges. Besides, when users gain blocks and earn rewards, they can trade rewards for coins.


For a functional online ecosystem, it would be best to have a community that communicates important information within the system. The platform provides a hub for novice and pro investors to interact and learn from each other. They encourage the bringing up of crucial topics surrounding crypto exchange and viable solutions in trading. It further assists the network administrator to know when there are issues within the network from discussions.

Advantages of Flits Wallet

The infrastructure surrounding Flits’ wallet offers users many advantages in their activities on the Flits application. Some of the benefits of involving yourself in the Flits wallet include:

  • User-friendly interface 

A major problem plaguing online platforms is the difficulty in the use of their applications. Users of Flits do not have to worry about stressful navigation through the system. Furthermore, the launching of the application is fast, hence saving the user’s time.

Flits have also targeted masternodes making them less tasking for users to set up. This comes in handy for traders who are not well versed in the field. All one needs to do is follow a few simple steps to deposit an amount, and the masternode will be active.

  • Total User Control Over Assets

Flits settle the worries of users lacking control over their coins in online wallets. You have sole ownership over your assets and the wallet in general. Deleting it is an option if you are no longer in need of it. They give you an option to restore it after deletion to access your coins afterward. Masternodes ensure a secure space for your coins during use.

  • App Compatibility

Many may assume that the Flits app has limitations to its algorithms, exchange, and coin. However, several exchanges are integrated into the application, including Birake, Stex, and Altmarkets, among others. Marketing services such as Crypto Adventure, Masternode Online, and CoinMarketCap are also available. It allows a variety of coins to liquidate and exchange within the application such as ETH, BTC, and KTS.

  • Spending and Rewards

Proof of Stake protocols and masternodes facilitate the earning of rewards by traders on the platform in a simplified and efficient manner. While trading, staking, and exchange are the main services offered by the network, you could still spend the rewards to buy goods and services using the integrated gift cards. Soon to be introduced are the Flits Epay cards to make the process more reliable.

Flits Wallet Airdrop is actively creating a new way for people to gather FLS rewards from the platform. Get a comprehensive guide on this here.

  • Security

Flits recognize the need for a top-notch security system to earn trust from its customers. 2-factor authentication is accessible to users with passcode and face/fingerprint scan. Users own their private keys, which discourages the network from having access to your assets. Flits involve itself in a regular security check to fix any bugs that come with traffic on the network.

  • Push Notifications

Lastly, yet important is the options in push notifications. They include masternode ready to start, daily fee payment, online wallet deposit received, trade filled, and incoming chat message from support, among others.

Author’s Note

Financial trading in fiat and cryptocurrencies is still an ongoing process actively evolving every day with increased user needs. Masternodes and staking are an upcoming trend for traders who wish to earn but lack time to participate actively in these processes. Passive income-earning is, therefore, the viable option for most.

Digital wallets have flooded the market ever since the inception of digital assets. However, they do not lack several shortcomings. Flits wallet holds itself as the solution for many of these issues. It aims to achieve a convenient and all-inclusive investment network for all financial exchanges embracing all user requirements in a trading platform.

In the coming years, it wishes to leverage stakeholders and blockchain technology in providing a comprehensive solution for passive income earning and management. Overall, it hopes to be the ultimate option for endless benefits offered by crypto trading.


Born in Bucharest, Marius is the founder of Crypto Adventure and Co-founder of Crypto Press. Since his first contact with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, he never stopped believing that they are one of the most important innovations of our time, which will forever change the way business is done.