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Exchange Review of Knox Global – World Leader in Exchange Innovation

The Fight to the Top

In the nascent world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, time and again we have seen the need and importance of trust and security. Being only a decade old, the sector is infested with scammers, fake startups, Ponzi schemes, exchange hacks and so on. Through this fog of confusion and insecurity, the platforms and projects that make their customers feel the safest are sure to thrive. 

On this day, there are only a handful of cryptocurrency exchanges that have thrived in the cut-throat competition by showing resilience and the ability to innovate. Only a handful of those innovators will remain in the years to come. 

Knox Global – a true customer-centric multi-faceted cryptocurrency exchange, is one of them. 

Introducing Knox Global – Your One-Stop Crypto Shop 

Knox Global is a cryptocurrency exchange established by Apollo FinTech. The Knox Global exchange is a world leader in providing the best cryptocurrency trading and investing experience. Although there are dozens, if not hundreds, of cryptocurrency exchange platforms currently available, it is evident that the majority of them follow the standard model and protocol that offers a limited and frustrating trading experience to traders who would love to get more out of the exchange.

The Knox Global exchange is a user-friendly multi-feature platform, that was built to satisfy the needs of the widest range of audiences. From the everyday retail investor to the biggest Corporations and Government institutions, it appeals to the needs of them all. The exchange boasts military-grade encryption that safeguards the funds of its users. To push the boundaries of safety, the exchange also boasts “nuclear resistant server storage” to attract its institutional clients. 

Major Features of the Exchange

– In-house Wallet Support 

The exchange supports a wide range of cryptocurrency storage. As of early 2020, the exchange boasted support for about 225 crypto tokens, making it one of the most versatile exchanges in the market. Along with the range, Knox stores most of the assets in a secure cold-storage vault, effectively safeguarding the funds of its users against external threats. 

– 100+ Tradable Tokens

Appealing to the users by showing off variety, Knox Global boasts more than 100 cryptocurrencies that are tradable under one roof. Apart from the major tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, Knox also features other lesser known tokens than show immense value for the future. Knox doesn’t just list any and every cryptocurrency out there. They have a rigorous and strict verification procedure through which they deem projects worthy of listing. 

– Multitude of Trading Pairs 

Among other major features, Knox supports a wide range of coins and accompanying trading pairs. With several hundred cryptocurrencies listed on the platform, it is crucial to ensure the trading activity is versatile. The major base pairs of the exchange include BTC, ETH, USDT, among other major cryptocurrencies. All in all, there are about 300 trading pairs listed on the exchange. 

– Leveraging

A Leverage is simply an additional loan provided to a customer based on their existing collateral. It is a way to earn extra profit by borrowing from a platform. Crypto leverage trading is in high demand today, and Knox is not a platform to stay behind. By providing leverage, the platform allows its customers to use their trading skills to make more money.

– Margin Trading

To allow its users to speculate, hedge or avoiding exposure, Knox has also built the margin trading feature. Margin trading is a common practice among institutional traders as it allows them to hedge their bets. By opening margin trading to a wider audience, Knox has made safeguarding assets easier. 

– IEO Platform

An IEO stands for Initial Exchange Offering. It is considered the next step of evolution in the world of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). The main feature of an IEO is that it gives the Exchange the right to govern the token, on behalf of a start-up. With these wide ranges of services under one roof, the Knox Global Platform is one of the best-suited exchanges capable of performing IEO duties. 

– Military-Grade Encryption

Perhaps as a way to lure in institutional investors, Knox has promised military-grade encryption and security. As the cryptocurrency area is still infested with scams and hacks, it is of utmost importance to safeguard the interest of one’s customers. Knox went a step ahead by bringing in the best form of security there is.

Why Choose Knox?

The Knox Global exchange has been known for its unparalleled responsiveness and innovation. The exchange has been able to keep the retail investor happy, as well as helping its institutional investor meet their goals. Among other features, Knox has almost-instant withdrawals, 24/7 customer assistance, Smart KYC for immediate verification and cryptocurrency cold storage. These features, from basic security to military-grade encryption, form a package of unbeatable efficiency and 

To top off the cake, Knox Global is built and backed by the Apollo FinTech company. The Apollo FinTech is a global leader in innovation with Financial Technology, featured and promoted by organizations like the NASDAQ, Forbes, Bloomberg, among others. Apollo boasts a wide portfolio of products ranging from Government Centric Platforms to Decentralized exchanges. It has been the aim of Knox, and the Apollo organization, to spread the wings of people all over the Globe by “banking the unbanked.”

The Knox Global exchange, like the Apollo Blockchain and cryptocurrency, is a blockchain-based product developed by Apollo FinTech.


Born, raised and schooled in Sweden with a degree in law, Glenn is a long time crypto enthusiast. He quickly acknowledged the potential of the blockchain technology, and the benefits of decentralization. Glenn believes in a future where blockchain technology and decentralization will govern and enable people to have a transparent security and financial system.