DISTX Tackles the Hard Issues Facing ICO Investors
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DISTX Tackles the Hard Issues Facing ICO Investors

Blockchain-based crowdfunding is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the industry. Unlike IPOs, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) provide businesses with access to public funding without the need to spend millions. Consequently, there are more businesses and investors seeking to participate in these events than ever.

While the ICO market is robust, it’s crucial to understand that not every ICO is a winner. Sadly, a large portion of the ICOs will never amount to anything but scams. Herein lies the problem. How can an investor be sure that the ICO they invest in is legitimate? Until now, there was little to no way to be sure.

Traditionally, ICO investors hold the majority of risk in these transactions. For example, ICO investors must take the companies word regarding funds raised, allocation, or if the soft cap was met. On top of these concerns, investors also had no way to guarantee that the company didn’t dip into the funds before the end of the crowdfunding event.

Transparency is King

DISTX recognizes these problems and proposes some unique ways to eliminate these concerns. For one, all the vital crowdfunding activities associated with ICOs are automated in the DISTX ecosystem. Smart contracts handle everything from token distribution to the release of the company’s funds.

Balance the Market

This strategy gives investors added faith that they made the right decision.  DISTX provides investors with a safety net in terms of ensuring that the company meets its obligations. For example, investors receive a notification when the soft cap is met. Notably, if the soft cap isn’t met, investor’s funds refund automatically. 

DISTX avoids the issues associated with companies acting in a manner that is detrimental to their investors. There is no shortage of internet horror stories in which companies hosting ICOs spent the money on personal belongings such as cars or trips. In most instances, these shady firms dipped into the raised funds before the event was even over. Only DISTX offers protection against these concerns.

All-Inclusive – DISTX

To accomplish this monumental task, DISTX created a complete token issuance ecosystem. Specifically, the platform can handle token generation, token sale, distribution, and UniSwap listings directly. This streamlined approach puts investors back into control.


Investors using the DISTX network receive DISTX tokens for their participation. This ERC-20 compliant utility token handles all the core functionalities within the platform. Users can invest, transfer, trade, pay fees, or even receive rewards using this versatile token. 

ERC-20 tokens are the most popular type of token in the world. These tokens enjoy a variety of benefits due to their popularity including unmatched interoperability. You can store your ERC-20 tokens in a variety of wallets and exchanges specifically designed to serve this growing investment community.

A Rewarding Community

Interestingly, DISTX introduces some additional benefits for those interested in using the platform. For example, the top 200 DISTX token holders receive a share of 2% of all tokens from token sales. In this way, DISTX keeps in-line with the broader desire of the DeFi market to spread the wealth. 

Additionally, 1% of all ETH raised through DISTX token sales goes directly to a buy and burn deflationary strategy. Coin burns are vital because they reduce the circulating supply of a particular token. This maneuver increases the value of the remaining tokens in the market. It also ensures that tokens are not hoarded by developers.

Benefits for Investors

DISTX has found an intuitive way to enable 100% confidence in investors. Investors welcome the ability to know when an ICO’s core parameters are met, or if they are not. Additionally, since the funds raised are locked up until after the event, all investors enjoy the benefits of fair and equal distribution during the launch. In this way, DISTX helps add maturity to the ICO sector. 


Privacy is another concern for DISTX. The company introduces a proprietary mixer protocol that adds privacy protections to your investment. This coding automatically mixes your tokens through a variety of new wallets and addresses during the distribution process. Users can select this option if they please. While it’s not impossible to track mixed payments, it is far more expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. Consequently, it’s far rarer.


Another awesome feature only found on DISTX is its “receipt token.” In a normal ICO scenario, you would make your investment and then you wait to receive an email that lists the date you can expect to receive your tokens. Unfortunately, there are plenty of cases of these tokens never arriving. 

DISTX eliminates these problems with the issuance of a receipt for every token sale contribution. This receipt is in the form of the DISTXR token. Users can then redeem DISTXR at any time to receive their share of the token sale tokens. This token functions as a kind of crypto insurance to let investors know that they will receive their coins under all circumstances.

Benefits for Companies

Aside from all the investor benefits, there are also some significant reasons why a company would utilize the DISTX platform. This robust ecosystem features an all-inclusive token generation protocol. Impressively, you don’t need any technical know-how to take advantage of this platform. 

Simple Token Launch

Companies that launch their tokens on DISTX receive a personalized developer. This developer will gather all of your necessary token requirements and handle all the back-end programming. You only have to worry about marketing your new services to the public. DISTX handles all of the rest.

You get a lot of flexibility using DISTX as a lunch protocol. For example, companies can decide where to set their soft cap and hard cap goals, minimum, and maximum individual contribution Levels, and lock-up dates for team tokens.

DISTX – It’s Time to Shine

DISTX picked the perfect time to enter the market. Investors are hungry for more transparency across the sector. DISTX provides these services along with a host of other next-generation protocols to provide the entire market with more opportunities.


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