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I haven’t been able to sleep since the last few days. Constant worry about the future of my loved ones has taken my sleep away.

What does the future hold for all of us? Are we going to see the light of wisdom, freedom & harmony after six months? Where will we be in 1 year from now? I have been keeping a daily check on my friends and relatives, and after hearing their concerns, I too wonder what will happen to my job?

I am writing this from the U.K., where my friends are self-employed. Their lives have turned upside down. I have seen their eyes – those eyes tell a story about their unpreparedness of the situation, a sudden shock that has left them financially weak. Constant fear and pain and worry about their future and yet they are embracing for a brighter future. Things have gone so bad that they cannot even afford to think any other way around. For me, I get paid through the contracts that I and my clients sign. And the last one will expire in the month of December. Since the virus has got the economy on its knees – there is only one question that everyone has on their mind.

‘’Will anyone be hiring when I need work?’’

The Unclear Future

Well, it all depends upon how the leaders of the world come together to address this issue. There needs to be a collective effort to save the world economy from collapsing. Hopefully, this crisis will teach us to rebuild, produce something better that benefits humanity as a whole.

We still don’t know what the future holds for us, but we do have a number of possibilities:

1. Either we will be successful in finding a vaccine that has a 99% success rate.

2. Or, we deploy a mixture of a number of drugs – having no more than 60-70℅ success rate (for example HCQ)

3. We learn to live with the virus and reinvent the wheel of social interaction. The world will have new systems and new infrastructures in place. The world will never be the same again!

The Upcoming Economic Depression

Whatever may happen, there is one thing for sure, and, i.e. we will go through a phase of severe financial depression. Lockdown has been placing massive pressure on the global economy due to which many small-mid size businesses have gone bankrupt. Many people say that things will go normal once the dust settles down but can’t answer when? Companies exist to make a profit, and if they cannot produce, they won’t be able to sell things, it’s that simple! Businesses can and do (over short periods) hold on to workers that they don’t need immediately: so that they can quickly jumpstart when the economy picks back up again. But, are we sure that the economy will go back up again in a couple of months? People have been articulating the future, and they have started to consume less to sustain longer without any cash inflow. People are buying less, meaning that the demand is going down. And when the demand goes down, people lose jobs, and the whole cycle starts again triggering an economic depression.

In a typical crisis, the prescription for solving this is simple. The government spends, and it keeps on spending until people start consuming and working again.  But the typical governmental intervention won’t work here because we intend to stop people from going to work – to break the chain. Famous economist, James Meadway has gone on record that the COVID-19 response isn’t a wartime economy – with massive upscaling of production. Instead, the current situation demands an “anti-wartime” economy and a large wrap up of production. And if we want to be more buoyant to a potential crisis like these in the future (and to avoid the worst of climate change), we need infrastructures that transition our production processes in such a way that doesn’t result in the loss of livelihood.

A Vast Digital World Surrounded by the Walls

The world is currently at home arrest due to the novel coronavirus – and we may continue to be in the same state for months. We are forced to restructure our lifestyle and find a replacement for our old schedule. These dreary days are enabling us to learn more about the technology, we are seeing a mirrored image of the outer world in the virtual world. In fact, Virtual Reality (V.R.) allows us to experience whatever we want, even if we have to be isolated. It is possible to stay indoor without getting bored courtesy of modern technology. Millions of people are creating their digital footprint on the net; people are enhancing their digital identity because the walls of our house are limiting the reach of our physical identity.

Coronapreneurs Leading the CoronaEconomy

The toilet paper panic has revealed many new ways through which people can profit and sustain their daily life. People are taking notes of all the essential things that they can start providing to other people. If you can be the first to cope up with the demand of a particular item that is highly essential, then the world will beat a path to your door. The results of the coronavirus and the social distancing policies put in place to prevent further spread of COVID-19 will likely introduce a vast array of previously unknown necessities. This phase marks the start of the “CoronaEconomy”, where telecommuting and distance learning, remote working will become the ‘new normal’. We will see new types of sports, entertainment and leisure activities are born.

The current reaction to the crisis is socially disruptive and, just like any other transition, only those that transform themselves with the current situation will become the ‘Coronapreneus’. These people will lead the modern economy 2.0, where only some of the Pre-Corona entrepreneurs will continue to be among the top performers.

TOP 10 Entrepreneurs

1. Andreas M. Antonopoulos

In the last 20+ years, Mr. Andreas has advised hundreds of organizations on emerging technologies and trends, and developed business strategies for the efficient and effective use of technology. In the year 1988, Andreas saw the potential of the Internet and since then he has been on a roll to help many businesses harness new processes to take advantage of the rapid developments in open source, open standards and open networks. He is world’s one of the greatest advocates of Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, and the principles of decentralization, Antonopoulos is a security and distributed systems expert, a widely published author of books, articles, and blog posts on cryptocurrencies, a frequent speaker at technology and security conferences worldwide, a coder, and an entrepreneur.

2. Brian Armstrong

Being well equipped for a foray into the tech startup arena, Armstrong co-founded crypto wallet and exchange Coinbase in July 2011. Mr. Armstrong has a double major in Computer Sciences and Economics under his belt and already had his life dedicated to the tech industry before co-founding Coinbase, now the world’s leading digital currency exchange. He has been responsible for introducing much of America and beyond to cryptocurrency. Armstrong is seen as Bitcoin’s advocate as he has been heavily invested in the development of solutions for the industry.

 3. Erik T. Voorhees

Before he became an entrepreneur, Voorhees was a blogger with libertarian ideas, authoring long thoughts about the nature of money and politics and the role of cryptocurrencies in this balance. His active online presence ensures his voice is heard throughout both the crypto industry and mainstream media. Active in the industry almost since it began, Voorhees’s greatest claim to fame is arguably his most successful project – the crypto exchange platform ShapeShift – and his well-known Bitcoin gambling game SatoshiDice

4. Renato Rodriguez

Mr. Renato Rodriguez migrated to the United States to study systems engineering and graduate as an economist at ELAC University in Los Angeles, California. In the last 10+ years, he has dedicated himself to promoting Blockchain technology and digital economy worldwide. He created his first technology company dedicated to the development of mobile apps in 2013 and currently, he has founded many more all around the world. Besides, he’s the leader of one of the largest network marketing companies, which specializes in cryptocurrency.

5. Gutemberg Dos Santos

Born and raised in Brazil, Gutemberg Dos Santos is an innovative entrepreneur with an extensive background in technology, business development, and venture capital. After relocating to the United States in his early 20s, Gutemberg effectively combated the business, cultural, and language differences he encountered, proving his dedication to forging meaningful connections and showcasing his boundless business acumen. Gutemberg’s passion for business was first sparked when he was just 11 years old, as he founded a small resale business that enabled him to turn a profit on his first day. Having gotten a glimpse of success, Gutemberg discovered a hunger for greater responsibility and the opportunity to forge his own path in the professional world.

6. Daniele Marinelli

Daniele Marinelli, 46 years of Roman origins, has an experience of twenty-three years as an accountant and business consultant at the Prati district of Rome. In 2010 he took on the role of corporate advisor and was among the first in Italy to buy Bitcoin – also the first one to understand the potential of blockchain technology. In 2016 he devoted himself to the analysis of cryptocurrencies built on economic systems, moving along the path that led to the creation of DTCOIN.

7. Giacomo Arcaro

Giacomo Arcaro has 15 years’ experience in growth hacking, digital strategy, startup and business development. He holds the title of ‘Amazon Best Seller Author’ and is known to be one of the ‘Most Influential Blockchain Evangelist’ with 200+ conferences all over the world. Giacomo has delivered speeches about blockchain in 35+ countries and is currently working on his second book ‘Why Bitcoin Matters the Most in the 21st century’. He recently joined the ‘Top angel investors in the blockchain space’ club due to his popular asymmetrical seed investing styles.

8. Alessio Vinassa

Alessio Vinassa, founder of AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD, a software development company, created a payment institution that bought a revolution in the relationship between people, banks and payment processors. He is also  the Ceo of the BLOCKTECH GROUP. Co-founder in 15 companies. Visionary businessman. Avid builder. Business scientist.

9. Eloisa Marchesoni

Eloisa Marchesoni is better known as the youngest consultant in the Blockchain and A.I. sector, as well as influential author of articles for the major national and international newspapers. Eloisa is now Europe’s number 1 Token Model Architect, as stated by Irish Tech News and the rest of the web, and part of the Top 100 Leaders and Influencers of Italy in FinTech, as we read in one of the most recent rankings published by StartupItalia !, awards that only confirm her thriving business as a consultant.

Eloisa has established herself as a multimillionaire role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs of the digital industry. In the last two quarters of 2019, she was nominated as #1 blockchain influencer by many reputable media outlets. She has been speaking in blockchain conferences, seminars since the last 2 years

10. Giovanni Casagrande

A known name in the world of cryptocurrency. He has been in the marketing industry for well over 20 years and switched to the cryptocurrency industry in 2014. He’s a writer, public speaker, investor and Marketing / Growth Hacking advisor in more than 100 successful projects. His specialty was Economics in the University of Bologna and the knowledge, experience gathered from there has helped him to manage/help many businesses in the industry. 4 years ago he founded Black Marketing Guru, a successfully Growth Hacking startup in Italy.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the top 10 are tech entrepreneurs and most of them are working with Blockchain and Crypto entities because blockchains and decentralized databases can track transactions in immutable and transparent ways that have been heralded as solutions to the private and centralized databases that undergird some of our society’s more intractable industries. Blockchain technology is designed to inherently offer trust between transaction parties, and, as such, it may provide a solution for the current crisis.

While leveraging the real benefits of blockchain technology, world leaders can revamp factories with medical product specifications, ensure payments to supply producers and track the transportation of these supplies, among other things. Also, as the U.S. Congress is exploring a $2 trillion economic stimulus package, a blockchain solution could be deployed to make sure that the companies adhere to conditions set in such a package.

Blockchain on the Radar

Blockchain technology constitutes an asset class that, like all others, has been and will continue to be massively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic: cryptocurrencies. When the S&P 500, SENSEX, NIFTY, DOW JONES, NIKKIE etc. went down, the investors started to look at Bitcoin as a tool to opt-out of the traditional financial systems that are now being pumped-dumped daily by the central authorities. It can be implied that investors see bitcoin as a potential safety net that is free from the collective centralized reactions to coronavirus.

As the economies of the world succumb to the injuries of the virus, it will be interesting to keep an eye on disruptive technologies like A.I., IoT and most importantly, Blockchain etc. Through both its potential use in traditional supply chains and as the backbone of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is proving to be worthy of attention in these uncertain times, becoming the basis for any wannabe Coronapreneur that might be dreaming of making it to the Top 50 next year.

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Dacosta Osei-Tutu, a first degree holder in Nursing, who couples his Nursing career with blockchain blogging, has a great passion for the blockchain technology and aims to play a vital role in applying this revolutionary technology to disrupt the healthcare system in Africa.