Coinbase to Transition to a Permanent Remote-First Company a...
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Coinbase to Transition to a Permanent Remote-First Company after COVID-19

Coinbase, a U.S.-based crypto exchange giant has announced that it will transition to a permanent “remote-first” workplace after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown is over. This move is an effort to protect against workplace environment risks and to improve decentralization.  

In an open letter, Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong informed its employees that the company is planning for the future to look different in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. He told them that the exchange is moving to a remote-first policy after the pandemic, and employees will have the option to work from home. 

According to Armstrong, he has come to believe over the past 2 months that, remote work is not only here to stay, but it also represents a huge opportunity and strategic advantage for the company. Once all the pandemic restrictions are removed, an estimated 20% to 60% of the company’s employees will continue to work remotely. 

Although employees will still be able to work in an office, they will now have the option to work remotely. They can as well split their time between time working in and out of the office. Going forward, Armstrong said the plan is to have one floor of office space in many cities, rather than many floors of office space in just one city. 

He said as more preventive measures like six-foot distancing come to play, Coinbase wouldn’t have enough space to observe the protocol in its current office if every employee were to be in office. According to Armstrong, the transition thus far has been less complicated than expected, as some employees are finding work from home to be a welcome change. 


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