Coinbase Tests Clearview AI Recognition Software
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Coinbase Tests Clearview AI Recognition Software

Coinbase has more than 20 million views every month and more than 30 million total accounts, and it has tested Clearview AI facial recognition technology. The information was provided in a BuzzFeed News report. Nevertheless, the exchange refuted claims that it used customer data for the test.

They have been scrutinizing the controversial software intensely following a New York Times article that revealed the firm’s database of more than three billion images, scraped from numerous websites as well as social media platforms.

Some of the firms and platforms such as Facebook, Google and Twitter have threatened Clearview AI with legal action.

The company’s CEO, Hoan Ton-That, in times past claimed that the software deployment was just with law enforcement agencies and that focus is only on the United States and Canada. However, according to an anonymous source, the company’s complete customer list contains thousands of entities across 26 nations.

It would be surprising within the crypto industry to find Coinbase on the list as there is a robust drive for privacy. Binance’s spokesperson revealed to BuzzFeed that the exchange’s reason for testing Clearview was because it offers special features regarding security and compliance.

According to the spokesperson:

“Our security and compliance teams tested Clearview AI to see if the service could meaningfully bolster our efforts to protect employees and offices against physical threats and investigate fraud. At this time, we have not made any commitments to use Clearview AI.”

Due to the possibility of misusing facial recognition technology and lack of regulations for it in the U.S., some states are considering legislation to outlaw it.

In the words of a Senoia Police Department’s captain to BuzzFeed, it is as if one is putting weapon in the hand of a police officer, with the hope of using it the right way and not forgets his training. He said it is a good tool if applied with care and appropriately.

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