Cloudflare’s Outage Affects Cryptocurrency Websites
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Cloudflare’s Outage Affects Cryptocurrency Websites

Cloudfare, which runs a number of functions for websites on the internet, suffered another outage on August 31. The connectivity issues encountered by the website security firm took down several cryptocurrency websites. 

According to the firm’s announcement on its blog, it was encountering a remarkable outage because its Internet Service Provider (ISP) Century Link was down. The media services affected by the outage include Hulu, the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Feedly, and others. 

The outage was because of a third-party transit provider and the firm’s users were assured of restoring the service. The issue occurred around 9:24 EST and CenturyLink said it had been fixed.  

Based on Cloudflare team’s speculation, the power outage was possibly because of an attack on CenturyLink servers going sideways, due to a CenturyLink utilizing Flowspec and the protocol not going as planned. 

The function of Flowpec is to keep away distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks which are large scale attacks programmed to take websites offline by swarming them with malicious traffic. However, as powerful as it is in keeping off large network-layer DDoS attacks, Cloudfare said it can be dangerous if you make a mistake

Numerous cryptocurrency trading websites were also affected while the outage lasted. Leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex tweeted about their connection problems during the outage.

The connection problems affected cryptocurrency transactions and did not allow them to go through as usual. According to Cloudflare, the network malfunction led to a 3.5 percent decline in traffic that was observed worldwide. 

After a similar outage occurred last month, Cloudflare discovered that it was not due to an attack but it seems that a router on its global backbone propagated bad routes, thereby causing some parts of the network to be unavailable. Cloudflare said they believed the root cause had been addressed at the time.

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