Launches a Joint Mining Program to Make Crypto Minin...
Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, News Launches a Joint Mining Program to Make Crypto Mining Easier and Profitable, a China-based mining pool, wants to take cloud mining to a different level. The company is offering an alternative to cloud mining which charges fees only after their equipment begins to pay for itself. According to a Cointelegraph report, is planning to roll out a “Joint mining” program called, which will allow users to remotely mine crypto by buying a certain amount of hash power from a third-party.

According to the report, the company’s subsidiary offers more flexibility which helps to minimize the risks associated with popular cloud mining products. Notably, claims to charge users with service and maintenance fees only after they have reached the point where their revenue is equal to the cost at which they initially purchased the equipment.  The company then starts to charge users from 17.5% to 30%, based on the amount of investment. further claims to be offering its mining equipment at bulk order prices. This gives users the options to either purchase shares in single miners, depending on how much terahash of hash rate they want, or purchase those machines in whole. Users who choose the option of buying in whole are allowed to withdraw their equipment from’s mining farms in China and have it shipped to their location. They can as well resell their miners back to the company at a retail price.According to founder and CEO, Jiang Zhuoer, this program was premiered in China back in March before launching it internationally. He said that is aimed at making crypto mining easier for individuals. Zhuoer is hoping that other industrial scale mining companies would also start offering similar joint mining products. He added that he expects the program to be popular among both retail and institutional clients from around the world. 


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