Officially Reveals its Crypto Lending Desk
Cryptocurrency, News Officially Reveals its Crypto Lending Desk

A leading bitcoin wallet provider and blockchain explorer,, has recently announced its own lending desk from Blockchain Markets. The company had earlier launched its own crypto exchange known as ‘The Pit’.

According to the report, the lending desk was launched by to a specific group of clients in August. However, the company claims it’s lending operations has grown quickly, making it one of the top five lenders in crypto.

Peter Smith, CEO of, claims their unlimited lending amount gives them a competitive advantage over their rivals. The company realized that a major concern of most institutional investors was the availability of reliable counterparts who can lend large sums of the top 20 crypto, USDt, and USD. Their emphasis is not only on partners that can lend on large scale but also, the risk involved. will be offering client-centered borrowing agreements that will consider the unique aspects of crypto versus standard lending terms. The company claims their established relationship with clients is helping to expand liquidity for the crypto community and emerging networks.

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