BitMEX Announces New Services for Corporate Customers
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BitMEX Announces New Services for Corporate Customers

Crypto derivatives giant based in Hong Kong, BitMEX, noted its plan to launch corporate services for customers. The new program will be beneficial to its corporate clients and will include enhanced security services and accounting.

The exchange announced the new program for corporate customers on its support page, calling it BitMEX Corporate.

The BitMEX Corporate account programme is a set of features and services designed to better serve our ever-growing segment of corporate customers.”

Corporate accounts on the cryptocurrency exchange are those which are not owned or operated by an individual. Through the new program, they can now ensure their BitMEX holdings are the legal property of a corporation.

According to BitMEX, the new features were established for customers who need different ownership structures for their accounts, the means for their employees to access and manage accounts, and security requirements.

‘Corporate’ accounts are simply the part of our customer base where the account owner is not an individual, but a company or other legal entity, and as such need different ownership structures for their accounts, ways for employees to access and manage those accounts on their behalf, additional security requirements, and so on.”

The exchange likewise noted that BitMEX corporate accounts will have options like multi-user login and instant transfers between accounts later this year. The exchange said it would invite corporate customers to be part of several programs:

BitMEX Corporate customers will be invited to be part of our Early Access programmes for ongoing product and service enhancements, with Sub-Account and Inter-Account Instant Transfer features and Multi-User Login capabilities.”

DespiteBitMEX being among the largest derivatives exchanges worldwide, numerous individuals in the cryptocurrency community are losing confidence in it. Three months ago, reports had it that BitMEX went offline for about twenty-five minutes during the market crash but numerous users were not persuaded by the exchange’s explanation. 


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