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Bitladon Exchange – EU Users’ Door To Cryptocurrency

Bitladon is a crypto exchange platform that operates on the European cryptocurrency market. It supports almost 200 crypto coins and features one of the fastest procedures for EURO deposits and withdrawals.

If you are looking for a highly secure platform for crypto trading, Bitladon can provide it for you. The exchange holds 95% of its funds on cold storage and some of the lowest trade fees on the market. Investors also benefit from a user-friendly interface and a yearly interest of 3%.

Bitladon in a nutshell

  • Bitladon Exchange was launched in June 2017
  • Bitladon Exchange is part of the Dutch company Coin Meester B.V.
  • Bitladon is owned by Boyd Meuleman & Mitchell Zandwijken
  • Bitladon supports 197 cryptocurrencies
  • Bitladon is not available to US residents or users outside the EU
  • Bitladon users from Europe can pay directly in Euro on the platform
  • New Bitladon accounts have a weekly trading limit of 100 Euros
  • Bitladon trading fees range from 0.25% to 2% depending on your user level
  • Bitladon deposits are available through wire transfers or SEPA
  • Bitladon features a highly secure, two-factor authentication system

Bitladon Services

Bitladon is rapidly becoming one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe. Its small trading fees and overwhelming support for a large number of coins make it a convenient choice for many investors out there.

On Bitladon you can make a direct deposit in EUR if you are residing in Europe. You can also exchange a cryptocurrency for another, depending on your portfolio. The “Exchange Any to Any” function lets you trade digital coins like Bitcoin for other types of digital assets.

If it is your first time on Bitladon Exchange, and your account is still new, you are limited to making weekly trades that do not exceed 100 Euros. However, as soon as your account becomes fully verified, that limit increases to 100,000 Euros.

One of the main services for which Bitladon Exchange stands out is its security system. The trading platform features the latest KYC and AML standards backed by high-protection layers. The system of data collection and storage are in use accordingly to EU and International laws and ensure that users trade digital assets in a safe environment.

Bitladon Currencies and Payment Methods

Bitladon Exchange supports 197 coins at the time of this writing. Some of the coins that you can buy, trade or sell on the platform include Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Waves, etc. You can also exchange FIAT currency (EUR) for these digital assets.

Beginning with October 2019, Bitladon allows users to trade stablecoins too. With a 3% yearly interest you can exchange Tether, TrueUSD, Dai and Paxos Standard. You may even trade them on other platforms, but store them in your Bitladon wallet. The only requirement is that you also use the platform’s wallet system for storage.

The Bitladon deposit methods do not include credit cards. However, you can use SEPA and wire transfers to get Euro from your bank account converted into cryptocurrencies on the platform. It usually takes 1 working day at most to complete the transfer.

Bitladon User Experience

Bitladon comes with a user-friendly interface and an excellent trading experience. Both seasoned investors and first-time traders may find it easy to navigate on the platform and enjoy its convenient services.

The Bitladon Trading View stands out as an exemplary interface for exchange platform everywhere. It features an order book, order history and price charts for your cryptocurrency of choice. It also offers two trading modes: Simple Buy & Sell and Advanced. The first one lets you trade digital assets at market rates while the latter enables you to set up the prices.

Creating an account on Bitladon is fairly easy. This exchange platform has one of the quickest, 2-step registration modes out there. You only need to provide your name, your email and a secure password before receiving the confirmation email. From then on, you are free to make deposits, trade and sell digital assets as you please.

Bitladon Fees

Just like any crypto exchange in the world, Bitladon employs a system of trading fees. For every order that you make, the platform takes a 2% commission. However, this fee can drop as low as 0.25% per trade depending on your 30-day trading volume and seniority. A VIP level status should qualify your account for the lowest fees on Bitladon.

Users that find trading commissions high on Bitladon may find comfort in the platform’s low withdrawal fees. The exchange practices some of the lowest on the market. For example, you only get to pay 0.0005 BTC for every Bitcoin that you take out. The industry standard is somewhere around 0.0008 BTC for the same trading situation.

The Benefits of using Bitladon Exchange

Bitladon is a fairly new presence in the cryptocurrency exchange business. However, it enjoys a rapidly growing reputation mainly due to its large support of coins and quick EUR-crypto trades.

Bitladon is easy to use and comes with a hyper-intuitive interface, which makes it ideal for beginners. Creating an account, using the trading view and browsing the available markets are all easy to do and understand, even for those who are new to crypto trading.

The high level of security makes Bitladon a trader’s favorite for seasoned investors. Also, the Bitladon wallet comes with a broad range of convenient services for those who choose to trade in stablecoins.

Bitladon may limit access to EU residents only, but its support for secure and affordable FIAT trades makes it a viable option for crypto traders in the area.

Last, but not least, Bitladon Exchange is a regulated cryptocurrency trading platform that has the support of an entire crypto community. Users can safely use it to buy, sell, exchange and even store their digital assets. With no history of hacking reports, this exchange is quickly becoming a leading choice for crypto investors from the European Union.


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