Bitcoin Cash Adoption Metrics for Australia Accused of Being...
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Bitcoin Cash Adoption Metrics for Australia Accused of Being Fake

Bitcoin Cash registered impressive adoption metrics in Australia, throughout 2019. It was advancing its retail trade and outperforming even major coins like BTC, ETH and LTC by a huge margin in the region. 

Per the data presented, BCH had registered sales of $36,430 out of $39,405 worth of crypto transactions in September 2019. The figure is equivalent to more than 92% of the total retail sales.

However, a thread on Reddit is saying that Bitcoin Cash may have altered some of these metrics in their favor. 

The information that was previously presented had been compiled by an organization known as The organization aggregated its data from two sources namely, TravelByBit and HULA. It is important to note that controls HULA as well. 

The creator of the Reddit post stated that, the report released by had excluded non-BCH transactions. He also noted that BitcoinBCH’s TravelByBit analysis did not match the total number of transactions tallied on TravelByBit’s website. 

The Redditor added that, when he approached CEO, Hayden Otto, about his recent findings, he was quickly banned from r/btc and r/bitcoincash. He said all his posts on the thread were also deleted soon afterwards. 

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