Bitball Review: Should You Invest in it?
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Bitball Review: Should You Invest in it?

Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, there have been several other altcoins being introduced to the crypto sphere. Bitball is one such crypto and is among the cryptocurrencies accepted as real-life modes of payment for goods and services. Its mission is to create a bridge within the ecosystem to hide the gap between consumers, currencies, and exchanges.

Given the risky nature and volatile market of cryptocurrencies, it helps to do a little homework before investing in a digital coin. If you have been wondering whether Bitball is the right direction to take, this article will provide you with some useful information. Stick around to find out whether or not Bitball is worth your time.

Bitball Investment Analysis

At the time of the review, BTB is at 0.00213173 in just 24-hours of trading. It has a volume of $477,400, which is a 15% increase in the last 24 hours. There is a steady supply in the circulation of the 180 million coins currently on the market. The EtherFyer exchange has the most active market trading in BTB with Mercatox comes second in terms of pricing and liquidity. According to Coingecko & CoinmarketCap it has grown 17361.2% since the all time low price of $0.00002157 Feb 20, 2019 (12 months). Surprisingly, Bitball is listed on 38 exchanges with a good community influence.

The cryptocurrency has unique goals of covering several areas of the digital financial world through building Ethereum blockchains. While the main website is, is operated by Bitball which is similar to ebay or amazon but with added functions of buying and selling using Cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, BTB, BTRS for free (first 5 uses).

Bitball-Barter platform has a user-friendly interface that it uses to facilitate cross-border transactions. The phase 4 of the project deals with the building of an online barter system where traders can exchange services and goods with other people internationally to buy and sell items and services at a low cost on the Ebarter trading platform. The success of the Ebarter platform has prompted the BTB team to work on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitball is the base pair for some exchanges, especially on It will also grow and become the primary cryptocurrency of the upcoming Bitball Exchange. 

How the Currency Will be an Acceptable Mode of Payment

BTB has a no fake-promise slogan that has gone a long way in its promotion campaigns. However, for most people, cryptocurrencies are still a new place, and thus, they approach it with caution. So, how does BTB want to make sure it is an acceptable mode of payment for digital trade?

Their goal is to make it as easy for customers to pay for goods and services, with crypto, as it is to use their credit cards. However, with BTB, the process is more straightforward, effortless, and safer.

1. Data Privacy

For a long time, people have had the issue of data privacy when purchasing items online. There is always a chance that the other parties involved will leak crucial information about them and compromise their safety.

This is not an issue one has to worry about when they are using BTB. All transactions are made using the anonymous alphanumeric address that changes with each transaction.

There is also the aspect of the private key for each user. If you do not have a computer with you, you can still pay for the goods and services using the quick response codes, which are also as safe.

2. Convenience

While you store your credit card in a physical wallet that can increase the chances of getting snatched, the BTB transactions are sent via electronic wallets that are much safer. These are stored within your computer, cloud, or your smartphone.

They are convenient because they allow you to purchase goods and services by just putting your password instead of all the credit card information. 

3. No chargebacks

Since these transactions do not go into any financial institutions, the only way to reverse payment is to get the receiving party to do so. Merchants can, therefore, no longer do chargebacks when paying with BTB. Most financial institutions allow for chargebacks to prevent fraud and other transaction disruptions. 

4. Minimal Transaction Fees

Customers will also save money by avoiding any unnecessary fees for transactions. Some Bitball transactions are made at no cost at all. Charged transactions usually have a minimal flat fee that depends on the amount of data sent.

You, therefore, save a ton of money in processing fees and eliminating chargebacks. This, plus the user anonymity, ease of transactions, and the prevention of interruption, has allowed BTB to grow exponentially.

5. Accessible By More People

Bitball is also helpful to over two million people worldwide who do not have access to a bank or other financial institution. But they do have phones. Therefore, by tapping into the ready market of people looking to transact quickly, the BTB team has the chance to increase their global reach.

Anyone can use the biometrics and their phone to make transactions in the digital markets. Its 24/7 availability makes it perfect for all people, including those who work late and only have time to transact items at night.

Best Wallets for Storing Bitball

My ether wallet

Ether wallet is an open-source web wallet where the user gets an interface that is easy to use. It is completely safe and allows you to store your data, both online and offline, safely.  You also have access to the MEWCONNECT app that you can use on your apple or android phone.

You also get complete control of the private keys. It is a hot wallet, so you may not want to store large amounts of BTB in the wallet. You can use it with Ledger Nano S and ensure your vast quantities of crypto are secure. 

Metamask wallet

Metamask wallet allows you to go to the distributed web of tomorrow in today’s browser. You will have the chance to run Ethereum Apps from your browser and not fall into your Ethereum node.

It allows you to have a secure identity vault, which guarantees an excellent user interface where you can manage your identities on various sites. 


Parity is yet another popular crypto wallet. It is a full node wallet and is available on desktops with various operating systems like OSX, Windows, Docker, and Ubuntu.

It allows users to access DApps from the wallet. BTB users can also continue trading right from their computers and tablets. 

Verdict: Bitball is a Promising Crypto With a Bright Future

BTB has an incredible vision to ensure that it is easy for users to trade and get the value they need. However, users should still conduct their research to ensure the wallet they select will protect their identity and investment.

Ensure that you set strong, uncrackable passwords. It is also a good idea to back-up the wallet, so you do not lose everything if there is a security breach on the servers. This will guarantee that you can recover your funds.

Bitball is fast-growing and offers several solutions that may be useful to crypto enthusiasts. All you have to do is ensure you have an excellent wallet, learn a few trading tips, and you are good to start investing in BTB.


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