Announcing the Release of PictureEX – Crypto for Click...
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Announcing the Release of PictureEX – Crypto for Clicks

“PictureEx is a Blockchain-based platform that makes it possible for both professional artists and amateurs to share and sell photos, art and other content worldwide for free or an optional price.”

Released in late 2019, PictureEx is a creator-centric platform unlike any other. PicureEx is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency project that makes it possible to share photos and art around the world and receive digital currency for your work. It is built on the Quark Blockchain, with $PIC as its native token to remunerate the artists.

The photography industry’s growing interest in blockchain was made evident recently when several art platforms came up; with the sole aim of bringing back the artists’ rights. There was a noticeable increase in art and blockchain-related news, and several conferences were dedicated to the subject. Following the trend, the PictureEX platform aims to solve the problem of digital theft from creators.

The PictureEX blockchain is only as good as the users of the platform, so their main priority, for now, is to continue expanding its user base. This is being done by on-boarding photographers, designers and creators that work on the visual medium. Anyone is encouraged to try the platform and get the most out of their art, and ultimately encouraging them to create more art as the recognition flows in. 

How do the Artists Have to Gain?

Photographs and photographers are traditional known to be behind curtains. A good photograph, picture or design, once published on the internet can be easily duplicated, downloaded and copied by other people and platforms. And almost always, no one takes the permission of the artist who first released the picture, let alone giving any acknowledgement for the contribution. The PictureEX platform comes in to solve just that problem. 

It is evident that Blockchain helps solve this for digital artists by introducing the idea of “digital scarcity”. By scarcity, a platform can issue a limited number of copies of artwork, associate each with a unique token issued on the blockchain, and use it to transfer ownership around the network without jeopardizing the creator’s hard work. This provable scarcity is what helped the team behind PictureEX to come up with an idea that put the creators at the center, giving them all the rights they are entitled to. 

Features of the Exchange

1. The Native Token 

The PictureEX rewards model has its native cryptocurrency PIC at its center. It allows artists to post content that can be bought or hired by interested entities around the world, and receive PIC in return. This is a two-way model as it incentivizes creators by getting them paid and buyers by opening them up to a wide range of art, which can be used without the risk of any copyright infringement. 

2. PoS / Masternode

PictureEX runs its own POS Quark Blockchain, giving stakers the possibility to stake PIC in the PictureEX wallet and/or set up a masternode to receive rewards in PIC and increase network stability. After the transaction is confirmed, the content will be available to download for the buying party and the agreed-upon amount of PIC will be deposited in the uploader’s PIC wallet. 

The amount of PIC necessary to set up a masternode is 50 000 000. A masternode will give you double the rewards compared to normal staking. The calculations below are based on a 24 Billion circulating supply.

3. Multi-Platform Wallet

As of early 2020, PictureEX support has been opened across various operating platforms to reach a wide audience. PictureEX now supports Windows, OSX and Linux platforms. Links to the applications can be founds below. PictureEX also plans to open support for mobile devices, easing the being and selling process for its customers. The Mobile App is set to be released by Q4 for 2020, as per the company’s roadmap. 

4. Multi-Exchange Listing

PIC, the native token of the platform is currently listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges. The listing allows PictureEX to be recognizable and build their reputation. The PIC Masternode staking services too are hosted by several well-known platforms such as BitHost. Other platforms such as CoinGecko, Blockfolio, Delta also recognize PictureEX by listing the coin metrics on their respective platforms. 


The PictureEx platform will be meant for Artists Photographers and content builders. Everyone can offer (sell) their work on our platform, as well as buying/renting work from others. From professional to amateurs, PictureEx team believes it is important that everyone who loves photography enjoys the same platform.


PictureEX | Windows Wallet | Mac Wallet | Linux Wallet | Twitter 


Sudarshan M is a long time crypto-enthusiast. Pulled in by bitcoin early on, it did not take long for Sudarshan to divert all of his academic attention from business studies to blockchain by doing his Masters and eventually pursuing his PhD in the subject.

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