A New ‘Impossible to Crack’ Encryption Chips is Here; Will B...
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A New ‘Impossible to Crack’ Encryption Chips is Here; Will BTC Be a Beneficiary?

A prototype silicon chip has been produced by some researchers. The development took place at the University of St. Andrews, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, and the Center for Unconventional Processes of Sciences in California.

However, the developers claimed that it provides encryption that is unbreakable. On December 30, Nature published an article concerning the new system and it utilizes chaotic wavepackets in conventional Silicon-based semiconductors.

As in the article, cryptos depend on traditional encryption standards and may soon become out-of-date because of innovations in quantum computing.

Many people believe that quantum computers have the potential to break conventional encryption algorithms within some moments. This makes it seem to be a key threat to cryptos.

Last month, Xinxin Fan of IoTeX said that the cryptocurrency domain needs to do something about this threat immediately.

The scientists that developed the system envisaged the notion of a one-time pad (OTP). Gilbert Vernam came up with the idea of OTP in 1882 and patented it in 1919. The popularity of OTPs is because it is impossible to crack them.

Due to the lack of realistic and safe means of exchanging the keys involved, they do not adopt OTPs in spite of the security of the system. This is the challenge solved by the researchers as the chip attempts to bring about a realistic OTP implementation. The researchers claim to:

“Develop a physical realization of the OTP that is compatible with the existing optical communication infrastructure and offers unconditional security in the key distribution.”

The researchers developed the chip to utilize conventional physics and the classical laws of physics, as well as chaos theory and the second law of thermodynamics. The chip works by decrypting data using keys which are not stored or communicated with the message.

According to the report by Cointelegraph some weeks ago, Andreas Antonopoulos maintained that advances in quantum computing from the part of Google do not concern the BTC space right now.


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