A Group of 6 Central Banks to Hold a Meeting On Digital Curr...

A Group of 6 Central Banks to Hold a Meeting On Digital Currencies in April

The leaders of 6 giant central banks around the world are reportedly planning to hold a meeting in April to discuss collaborative research on digital currencies and CBDC. The 6 giant central banks recently came together to create a group to explore central bank digital currencies.  

Representatives from the central banks of Europe, Japan, Canada, Sweden, Britain, and Switzerland will be holding the meeting. The venue for the meeting is Washington and it is slated on April 2020. 

The planned meeting will also feature financial giants like the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). Per the report, the banks are going to discuss how digital currencies could streamline international payments. They would also share their findings on central bank-issued digital currencies.

Masazumi Wakatabe, Japan?s central bank deputy governor, claimed that it is possible they would consider how to streamline cross-border payments.

The central bank of Japan announced that it is doing its own study and analysis about the impacts of digital currencies on the economy. It is?preparing?to launch its digital yen sometime in the near future. Meanwhile, China is ready to roll-out its CBDC this year, although the PBoC has not released an official timeline yet.?

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